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The Patent of the Plexr Device Is Released In USA!
Arrivata pochi giorni fa la comunicazione da parte dello United States Patent and Trademark Office.
Another great achievement
for GMV Group

A recent communication from the United States Patent and Trademark Office confirmed the registration of the Plexr Trademark in the United States.

As noted by the Italian Patent and Trademark Office, the trademark is a “sign” used to distinguish one’s products/services from those of the competition. It represents one of the main elements of the company’s image and provides, in the eyes of consumers, guarantees of quality and reliability. It is therefore a precious resource to be protected and valued.

GMV has always been attentive to the protection of its products and its image, in Italy and globally. For our company, this step represents an important prelude to the certification of Plexr to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the agency of the American government that regulates, among other things, which medical devices are put on the market.