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The Patent of the Plexr Device Is Released In Japan!
GMV has obtained the Japanese patent for its flagship device, the Plexr.
Another important recognition
for GMV Group

Another important recognition for our work: GMV has obtained the patent in Japan for our flagship device, the Plex.

The receipt of the patent in Japan takes on a particular meaning if we consider that in this country there is a real cult for beauty.

As mentioned in a recent article in the magazine Vogue, 60% of women of the Rising Sun spend more than twenty minutes on a beauty regimen, while 21% spend more than 30 minutes each day.

There are precise and meticulous rituals: beauty must be regal, intense and enlightening because we already know it will fade away.
This obsession with punctual and exasperated care has roots in a millenary and powerful spiritual tradition, and in the philosophy and religious influences of Buddhism and Shintoism.

This is an obsession of a public that is full of contradictions and contrasts, combining a devotion to the past with a vision that anticipates the future.

In Japan, manual treatments coexist with hyper-technological and sophisticated tools, such as Plexr, which seeks to become synonymous with beauty in the land of the Rising Sun.