International Aesthetic Medicine & Soft Surgery 2017
On November 18th, the second edition of the event was concluded, of which GMV was Diamond Sponsor.

The second edition of the International Aesthetic Medicine and Soft Surgery conference & workshop, organized in Athens by the Society for Aesthetic Medicine and Non-Ablative Surgery (SAMNAS), ended on November 18th.

The Conference was sponsored by the European Medicine Association (EMA) and the University of Camerino in Italy (UNICAM).

GMV had the pleasure and privilege to participate in and support the event as the sole Diamond Sponsor.

We also added to the long list of prestigious speakers from all over the world the name of our own Clinical Specialist Andrea Cancelli, Biomedical Engineer and PhD in Medicine.
Dr. Cancelli presented a report entitled “The Soft-Surgery Technologies,” which illustrates some of the main applications that can be implemented with our devices.

This presentation was only the introduction to subsequent reports by distinguished doctors who, in the course of their interventions, reported some case studies on patients treated with Plexr and Needle Shaping devices: a further international verification of the quality of our daily work at the service of Aesthetic Medicine.